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Our Team

Eric’s Bio

Eric Morales is our founder and co-owner of Muscle Apron.

At the age of 15 he decided to lose weight and get in shape. That’s when he began to learn that exercise was his passion and his love for it was born. Later on in life he was given the opportunity to use his talents and become a personal trainer. As the years passed he began to learn that nutrition is the biggest part of life.

His goal in life is to inspire and motivate others to live a healthy and positive life. He aspires to see a healthier community and youth! He would love for the youth to become more aware of what they eat and how to become more active, to have a better future!

A few achievements Eric is proud of  is being a father to an amazing daughter.

His hard work and dedication on continuing to educate himself on nutrition, fitness and life experience which allows him to provide the best to his clients and customers. He is proud of his brother and himself for building a meal prepping business that offers well balanced, nutritious meals that taste like five star restaurants!

They never imagined creating a business or even working together, but fate allowed two brothers who happen to be a chef and a trainer bond over the same journey and paths of life!

Eric is proud to call Chef (J) his brother. To watch him work is like watching five men in one. He does the menus, grocery shopping, cooking, packaging and delivery of meals!

Eric is a Spartan athlete who loves to do as many races as possible and challenges himself to do his best in all areas of life! (Aroo!!)